New York City council member Jumaane Williams tweets that his colleague on the dais, Ydanis Rodriguez, "was hit and arrested" during tonight's raid at the Occupy Wall Street site. Let the record show that NYPD did not discriminate in its evacuation proceedings!

Rodriguez, who represents part of Manhattan (in the picture above, he's the man seen at far left ... of course!), hasn't actually been camping out at Zuccotti to play his bongo drum or catch Zuccottiberculosis with the other protesters. However, he's a known Occupy sympathizer. Earlier this month, in fact, he marched 11 miles to Zuccotti with fellow unemployed hippies Adriano Espaillat (whose protester name is "New York state Senator Espaillat") and John Liu (aka "the City Comptroller").

According to the New York Observer, Rodriguez was seen "bleeding" as he was being escorted away by police. City Hall is on notice about his arrest, so maybe Mayor Mike Bloomberg will mention it during his raid-related press conference scheduled for later this morning.

[New York Observer. Image via AP]