John Galliano, the Dior designer who was found guilty of hate speech for his anti-Semitic rant in a Paris bar and fired from both Dior and his John Galliano label, is about to be welcomed back to the fashion fold. How can we tell? The sympathetic quotes are piling up.

Here is what shoe designer Manolo Blahnik told British Vogue.

[Italian Vogue editor] Franca Sozzani once said something about John Galliano that I thought was perfect. She said that 'Dior's solution and salvation would be to bring back that man,' - and I agree. Of course he would never do that after being so badly treated. What he said was horrific, but said under the influence of drugs and alcohol - that is no reason to destroy talent.

I last saw John at Kate [Moss'] wedding, he didn't touch a drink—and there was plenty around. He had a great sense of self-dignity, which was wonderful to see. He looked so sad though. Did I try to cheer him up? Of course I did, I'm mad.

While it's hard to base the feelings of an entire community on one man's quote, he does name drop some key figures in the industry into his little tale of redemption and apology. Franca Sozzani, Kate Moss, Manolo Blahnik: as go these taste makers, so goes the fashion industry. Look for Galliano to have a new job by the end of the year. Since Dior can't seem to hire anyone for his old job, maybe after a suitable amount of time in purgatory, he'll be right back where he started. Welcome to the fashion world, where the money runs wild and the forgiveness runs deep.