Kathy Griffin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are featured in this year's "Out 100," the list of 100 GLBT movers and shakers that Out magazine curates every year. But instead of celebrating the honorees, Out apparently decided to torture them.

Case in point: Jesse Tyler Ferguson desperately cupping his hands to avoid actually touching Kathy Griffin's boobs in this hand bra picture. He looks like he might vomit. Kathy looks like she was performing a striptease, then turned around and saw her mother. Out claims that the duo "suggested this pose" by themselves.

What is the message here? "We're here, we're queer, we're as uncomfortable as everyone else when naked"? I guess I can support that. Good on you, intern Kathy, standing up for the rights of awkwardsexuals everywhere.

That said, intern Kathy's bod is banging. She just turned 51. [Out, image by Gavin Bond]