What an age we live in! Whereas America sprung full-formed from the breast of Jesus as a white Christian nation in 1776, now we have all types of weird foreign people here. And we welcome them, now that they've gotten in despite our considerable national spirit of xenophobia! Middle America is no longer as white as it's always been (since we killed the natives!).

Latinos are moving into the empty rural sparsely populated areas of Kansas and other flat states like that! "There has long been a strong Hispanic presence throughout the [Great Plains region... But over the last decade, as their population in the rural Great Plains spiked by 54 percent - a figure comparable to gains in metro areas in the region - Hispanic residents have pushed from hubs like nearby Dodge City, Garden City and Liberal into ever smaller communities."

Foreigners are infiltrating our fanciest schools! "The number of international students at U.S. colleges and universities rose 4.7% to 723,277 during the 2010-11 academic year... Enrollments have been on the upswing since 2006-07 and grew 32% over the past decade, IIE data show."

And worst of all, they're becoming virtually indistinguishable from normal Americans! "New studies by scholars from both liberal and conservative think tanks conclude that members of the great wave of contemporary immigration, who flocked here in the 1990s, are integrating into U.S. society at a healthy clip and are more assimilated than their brethren in other countries."

Look to your left. Look to your right. At the down-home restaurant. At the feed lot. At your school. At your daughter's prom, having sex with your daughter, in the bathroom. Ask yourself: Do I spy a Mescan?

If so, welcome them heartily.

[Photo via elsbeth cool/Flickr]