Sexological tabloid hate columnist Andrea Peyser (pictured, on left) is fighting a war for your very soul on many fronts. Not only is Andrea ably covering the heathen War on Christmas; she keeps her beady eyes open for any indications of a greater War on Christianity. And for hot teen sexxx! But today, War on Christianity.

Andrea long ago identified the ability of art to destroy the previously untainted virtue of entire New York City neighborhoods. Today, Andrea mongers loudly about how the short ants-on-Jesus video "A Fire in My Belly"—which has already been displayed at the Smithsonian, and elsewhere in NYC—will probably bring god's wrath down upon all of Brooklyn, now that it's on display at the Brooklyn museum. After all:

Whatever the intention behind the hideous display, the video's creator, former prostitute David Wojnarowicz, took to his grave. He died of complications from AIDS in 1992 at age 37.

If you don't think there's a distinct and purposeful note of triumph in that paragraph, well, you don't know the New York Post very well. Christian love in action!