You might remember Tay Zonday as the bespectacled, baritone-voiced young man behind "Chocolate Rain"—the repetitive YouTube song-meme that, at first, intrigued you with its sincerity and yellow-tinted charm until it wouldn't stop popping into your head and nearly driving you insane. He's got a new song! It's an anthem for the 99 percent.

With "Mama Economy," Zonday tries to explain the U.S. economy and its failings in song format—touching upon neoliberalism, market socialism, the "Ph.Ds and the G.E.D.s" who "cry with Ayn Rand down at the temp agency," wage stagnation, and many other issues that the Occupy Wall Streeters have been talking about, when they haven't been running from the chemical agents. The blippity arcade-game noises are totally unnecessary, but the lyrics—available in their entirety here—are pretty clever, there's a hook, and no terrible drum circles participated in the tune's creation. The Occupy movement should adopt it as its official theme song and use it as a teaching tool for the uninitiated.

[YouTube. Thanks to tipster Komeister!]