Thousands of Occupy Portland protesters faced off with police on Sunday after they had failed to heed a midnight deadline from Mayor Sam Adams to evacuate their encampment. By early afternoon, Portland police outfitted in riot gear had surrounded the park while a "general assembly" (or a "huge party") was held by protesters to discuss (or percuss) next moves.

That's when things started to get hairy, as you'll see in the above video. After giving the demonstrators what one witness described as a "sense of trust," cops then moved in on the crowds. They swung nightsticks and warned the crowds over loudspeakers that they "may also be subject to chemical agents and impact weapons." The demonstrators responded with chants of "we are a peaceful protest." No serious injuries were reported, and by Sunday evening, the AP reports, the park was mostly evacuated.

Said Mayor Adams: "This is not a game." [AP, Video via YouTube/PlanetEarthAwakens01]