J. Lo's new boy toy never wears his shirt. Justin Timberlake keeps his promise to a marine. Zoe Saldana is single. Sunday gossip is in a "bromance."

  • Jennifer Lopez has a new man in her life! Just a few weeks after divorcing Marc Anthony, J-Lo has taken up with backup dancer Casper Smart, whom you can see above just standing normally in his normal clothes, like a normal person does. Their budding relationship is "nothing serious," so far, but J-Lo already married one backup dancer, so. What attracted her to him? (Besides his facial hair, obviously.) According to Us Weekly's sources, "[He's] popular with the ladies because he goes shirtless!" And ladies hate shirts! [Us]
  • Just as he promised, Justin Timberlake went to the Marine Corps ball in Richmond, Va. last night. Timberlake "seemed like a normal guy," according to a witness, who doesn't know that he's actually a hyperintelligent school of eels using telepathic energy to project a "Justin Timberlake" form. [TMZ]
  • Zoe Saldana and her fiancé Keith Britton have broken up. They haven't given a reason for the split, but a source tells me it's because they saw Jack and Jill and decided that love is impossible in the wake of atrocity. [Page Six]
  • Kim Kardashian is suing her former publicist Jonathan Jaxxxson, who keeps telling everyone that her wedding was staged, for violating a confidentiality agreement he signed when "they worked together once, years ago, on a blog." And the name of the blog was... Gizmodo. [TMZ]
  • According to the New York Daily News, Brian Williams and Seth Meyers are in the midst of a "bromance." I am having a "bromance" with "not giving a shit about this." [NYDN]

[image via AP]