When New Zealander Les Kennington, who is a man, visited a health clinic complaining about severe stomach pains, doctors suggested that his past hysterectomy might be to blame. They know he had a hysterectomy because his medical report says so. Why does it say so, though, given that Kennington is a man?

"A few years ago I did have an operation to correct a hernia, but it's concerning they could not tell the difference between a hernia and a hysterectomy, nor could they tell the difference between a male and a female," Kennington told a local newspaper. Turns out that his "excruciating" stomach pains had nothing to do with the past removal of his never-existent uterus and ladyparts but were caused by gallstones—painful gall bladder deposits that are unisex in nature.

The director of the clinic where Kennington sought treatment tells TVNZ that the mix-up is a basic reporting error—one that, due to regulations, will remain in Kennington's file until the end of time. Oh well, could be worse: At least no doctors tried to perform the hysterectomy.