Texas family law judge William Adams has been barred from seeing his youngest daughter after a years-old video of Judge Adams whipping his older daughter Hillary with a belt went viral. Looks like the internet works!

No charges will be filed against Adams thanks to the statute of limitations—but it's good to see that there will be consequences. A restraining order was taken out against Judge Adams after his ex-wife Hallie Adams gave an affadavit detailing "a lengthy history of emotional, verbal and physical abuse, complicated by drug and alcohol use by her ex-husband, Judge Adams":

Pritchard said Hallie Adams wants the court to ensure her ex-husband isn't using drugs and takes anger management courses before, and if, he's allowed further visitation with his younger daughter.

The affidavit says William Adams checked into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Stephenville for five days in January 2007 to kick a drug habit.

Hallie, who can be seen in the video participating in the abuse but has since expressed regret, hinted at substance-abuse problems during an appearance on the Today show. She now needs to be present if Judge Adams wants to see their daughter; the next hearing in the case is scheduled for November 21. And while it's too bad it took this long for Adams' abusive behavior to come to light, it's a nice reminder that the internet can actually work for good sometimes.

[Corpus Christi Caller, images via AP]