I am actually a little bit excited for this show Wall Street Wives, if it ever takes off. Apparently the cast now includes Diane Passage, the former Scores dancer, pole dancing champion, and insanely awesome crazy lady, who is currently divorcing Kenneth Starr. No, not the Clinton lawyer, the money manager who is in jail for stealing money from his famous clients.

Did you read her New York profile? This lady was made for reality TV. If Wall Street Wives is really a bunch of staid rich ladies, that would be boring as hell. Like watching sweater sets grow. But Diane? I will watch her every night of the week and twice on Sunday. Now all we need is for Wall Street Wives to get itself a network. Hello, Oxygen! What are you waiting for? Former strippers visiting the Ponzi schemer husbands they ratted on in jail sounds right up your alley.

[Image via Pumps Mag]