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Among the great mysteries of modern politics: Why does Herman Cain remain popular despite overwhelming evidence that he is a nonsensical, unintelligent, boorish, cartoonish ignoramus with a campaign run by corrupt, lying incompetents?

In this week's NYT Magazine, T. A. Frank suggests Cain's bizarre success has something to do with "a certain warmth and honesty and genuineness," "magic," "optimism," "laughter," and being a "redeemer."

And now, here is video of a magically optimistic Herman Cain redeeming himself from half a dozen sexual harassment accusations with laughter. After a supporter brings up Anita Hill, Cain doubles over with laughter, then stands up, raises his arms, and booms, "Is she going to endorse me?"

More laughter. Warm, honest, genuine laughter at women who say they were sexually harassed. [The Caucus, NYT Magazine, video via Fox Nation]