Did you know that homosexuality is a gateway drug? "Gateway drug to what,?" you ask. Well, I'm not really sure, because I didn't attend Baylor University, which offers a whole course on the subject, or even major in Gateway Drug Studies.

But if you attend Baylor (or enroll ASAP!!!), you can sign up for their "Homosexuality As Gateway Drug" class and learn more about this fascinating topic plus "areas of sociology not covered by regular course offerings." Hmmm.

Based on the course description—posted on Baylor's BearWeb Internet system, LOL, and brought to our attention by Buzzfeed—we can't tell whether the course is homophobic in nature or a means by which students can explore topics in sexuality in an academic setting. It's part of the Sociology department, and most of the sociologists we know are open-minded. But this is Baylor, which is located in conservative Christian Waco, Texas, so there's that. Any of you Baylorites out there take this class? What was the homework like?

[Reddit, via Buzzfeed. Image Faithx5/via Flickr]