No, it is not 1991 all over again, but Billy Crystal is going to host the Oscars now that Brett Ratner got fired and Eddie Murphy stepped down as host. The forces of nostalgia have won out yet again.

At least that is if his tweets can be believed. Crystal made the announcement with a self-deprecating joke on Twitter about how young women at the pharmacy don't recognize him anymore. Keep it real, Billy.

That's not to say that Crystal wasn't a great host when he helmed the show a number of times in the '90s and '00s, but the man hasn't been relevant for more than a decade, and isn't nearly as spry as when he did his famous song and dance opening numbers some 20 years ago. I hope that as I suggested yesterday he gets a bunch of other hosting veterans to help him carry the burden. This might not be the History's Worst Oscars that it would have been if Ratner stayed on, but thanks to new producer Brian Grazer it sure is going to be another milquetoast year.

Maybe this is all a joke and the Muppets really do have a shot.

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