The big battle of the Snow White movies is brewing and it looks like Snow White and the Huntsman is throwing the first punch since its trailer came out today. Julia Roberts' evil queen can't be nearly as good as Charlize Theron's!

Too bad this one comes out in June and director Tarsem's Mirror, Mirror, starring Julia Roberts as the queen and Lily Collins as Snow White, comes out in March. Here Theron gives her queen a gorgeous maleficence, which is only matched by the great special effects and the totally creepy and original way that she talks to her magic mirror. Thankfully we don't get much of Kristen Stewart and the various and assorted pouts she calls "acting." Sadly we don't see enough of hunky Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. We guess we'll get that in the future. It's smart to make a big splash first, but as we've seen in the past, being second to market usually a loser makes.