[There was a video here]

The Occupy people took to the high seas for some mischief today. 'Twas aboard the USS Yorktown where they found Michele Bachmann, who was delivering a big foreign policy speech to god knows who.

They interrupted her and started to do their chant-repeaty schtick:

The protesters, who read from a script, used the "human megaphone" technique as they shouted, "This will only take a minute... You capitalize on dividing Americans / claiming people that disagree with you / are unpatriotic socialists / and you promote discrimination."

Bachmann first stood frozen at the podium, seemingly unsure whether to let the protesters continue or try to stop them. Members of the audience started a loud counter-protest of "sit down!" to no avail.

Bachmann was escorted offstage by police and returned a few minutes later, saying, "Don't you love the First Amendment?"

And so it was, that the good ship Yorktown was retaken.