Olivia Munn's "friends" are talking to the media about how upset she is about Brett Ratner talking on TV about how he "banged her but forgot." Apparently she wants "nothing to do with him." You mean that didn't happen while he was jerking off and eating shrimp in front of her?

A "source close to the actress" (read: her publicist) told the Daily News that Munn was pissed about Ratner's appearance on her old show, Attack of the Show, and that she was avoiding going out so that she wouldn't have to talk about it. You don't need a source close to her too tell you that, I could tell you that! I mean, he's a gross grossperson and what he said is gross and if he said that about me, I'd throw a shrimp cocktail in his face. If I were Olivia Munn, I'd want it to go away too.

Anyway, supposedly Ratner told Munn to tune into his Howard Stern interview where he would make everything better. Sorry, Brett, just like with your recent bout with the F word, saying you're sorry doesn't make up for acting like an asshole.

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