This Twilight star wanted to come out on this year's press tour, but he's waiting for the final movie. This power couple is broken up but still living together. And there's a not-very-blind item about Luke Evans going back in the closet. Come on, guys, give us a challenge!

1. "This well known actor from the Twilight franchise is set to come out. He wanted to do it in this round of press tours but is being pressured to wait until the final installment tour." [CDaN]

2. "Which star from The Bachelor Pad has other contestants worrying who had sex with this person and just told them the star has herpes. Hope protection was used." [CDaN]

3. "This Hollywood power-couple are broken up and sleeping with other people although you'd never know it. They still live together, go out together and even sleep in the same bed. They're looking to live separately, but since arrangements haven't been made, they're amicable enough that they are still living together." [BuzzFoto]

4. "This newcomer is hunky and talented and has landed at least two very desirable lead roles in the past two years. While they may not have been huge box-office successes, they definitely gave him a higher profile in the industry. His publicists are having a problem with him, though. He started out his career as an openly gay man. And now they are having problems pushing him back into the closet. After all, how can he land the big action leads if people know he's gay? So, he's been given a beard, and recent interviews have contained awkward snippets of him talking about his relationships with women, and the kinds of things he does to impress his dates. Um, sure." [Blind Gossip]