James O'Keefe has been lurking in journalism school hallways across the country in pursuit of his latest bombshell series "To Catch a Journalist." So far, he's blown the lid off the story that some college professors like Barack Obama and that sometimes journalists drink alcohol and use bad words. When O'Keefe attempted to confront Columbia University j-school's dean of students Sree Sreenivasan with these shocking revelations in a pantomime of Mike Wallace, Sreenivasan just laughed at the poor guy.

The ostensible reason for O'Keefe's visit was to get Sreenivasan's response to O'Keefe having "caught" Columbia University professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Dale Maharidge using bad words in an email. (Those bad words? "Hey shitheads, Check out my comments about you: [Facebook link] Fuck you, man. Bring it on. Dale Maharidge.")

Instead of a comment, O'Keefe got some sniggering questions, like, "Why didn't you dress like you were in some of your other videos?"

"So you stand behind profanity-laced emails?" O'Keefe asked, stupidly. When he left, according to Sreenivasan's Twitter feed, he ran into some trouble with the door.

After he was done with me, I should have kept rolling, because they get to the exit and find they can't open it. He says, "Have they locked us in?" Turns out they were pulling the door instead of pushing it.