Is this the angriest interaction between a congressman and his constituents ever, or at least of the ones that have been captured on YouTube? Yes? Let's go with "yes." This is Illinois Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh, a.k.a. Congress' Dad of the Year, just completely unloading on a couple of constituents at a recent town hall at an Uno pizza restaurant. The subject? Leave the banks alone!

Highlights include:

  • "Don't blame banks and don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in right now. I am tired of hearing that crap. I am tired of hearing that crap."
  • "Quiet for a minute. Quiet for a minute. QUIIIEEETT for a minute! Or I'm gonna ask you to leave. You need to listen, or I'm gonna ask you to leave."
  • "I need more coffee."

What a video. What a life! I think we've found our Republican presidential nominee.