Here's the problem with Rick Perry's campaign: He and his SuperPACs have all this money, but no one really likes him anymore or has any interest in re-liking him. Where's all this money he duped everyone out of early on supposed to go? As of now it looks like he'll just keep saturating Iowa teevees with his same heartland-y ads over and over.

Watch him here in his latest, "Values," gabbin' with farmers and talking about farms and Jesus and family, and farms. "As the son of tenant farmers from the West Texas town of Paint Creek," he narrates, while footage of some farm machine does farm stuff, "I learned the values of hard work, faith and family." Well, good for you, Rick Perry. Now that that's established, maybe it's time to work on other candidacy issues, such as you acting like a drunken idiot monster in public.

Rick Perry is running lots of ads all over Iowa well before the other candidate with money, Mitt Romney, is. The fear is that Romney will soon decide "maybe I should just try to win Iowa after all," and then, you know... easily accomplish it. Let's all pray that if Mittens does decide to go for Iowa, that he makes some farm ads too. "I'm Mitt Romney, and I have been a farmer all my life!" and such.