Just when you think that this is America and yew better speak American if you wanna live here because my daddy worked hard to support our family and I don't pay taxes to support a buncha Mescans sneaking over the border to steal my hard-earned dollars and date my daughter, you read something like this: foreigners are making good solid American dollars—millions of 'em!—without even talkin' English like a real human. Is this that "socialism" they're always talking about?

The New York Times, for once in its biased liberal life, has done a useful investigation—not outing CIA agents, but outing Mescan millionaires in our country who couldn't order a god damn Egg McMuffin here in America without a translator (into English from Mescan). They talk about one Mescan fella who started out selling tor-tillas. Now he's made himself a millionaire. Still don't speak a lick of American language. Wellsir. We all know Mescans like tor-tillas but I don't think it's too much to ask them to say "tor-tilla" in English, along with the Pledge of Allegiance, if they want to buy them here in America. Don't want to remove your sombrero and salute the flag before each and every purchase of a Mescan foodstuff item? What are you hiding up under there, anyhow?

They also turned up an Asian fella. Same problem.

Mr. Kim, the Korean retailer, recalled that when he opened his first store in Brooklyn, nearly his entire clientele was Afro-Caribbean and African-American, and his customers spoke no Korean.

"You don't have to have a big conversation," he recalled. "You can make gestures."

Asian fella talking Asian to a buncha minorities and making "gestures?" We call that an "NYPD shooting range," down here in America. Don't like it? Tell me that in American.

"A-C-L-U" don't even spell no American word at all.

[NYT. Photo of Mescan shouting foreignly: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas/Flickr]