A 50-year-old Croatian man had to seek medical attention after an explosive anti-aircraft shell that he'd inserted in his anus during some kind of sex game got stuck up in there. Sounds like somebody failed to think about the consequences.

For example: having to explain to the doctors how the weapon got stuck up in there in the first place. Sometimes, in such situations, you can just tell doctors that you were drunk and accidentally sat on the weapon, or were "standing in the wrong place at the wrong time again, ha! I've always got my head up my ass—except when my head won't fit up there, because it's crowded with weapons." Not all doctors will believe these excuses, though.

Apparently our sexual experimentalist was upfront about his activities and told his doctors what happened, and they were able to successfully extract the explosive from his butt. Then, after becoming aroused by the weapon, they also took turns having sex with it. Okay, maybe that part of the story isn't true. But this part is true: The doctors reported our sexperimentalist to the authorities. Not because Croatian law regards sex between a man and a weapon as some kind of morality crime, but because it's illegal to own an explosive anti-aircraft shell. Now the man might go to jail because of his illicit encounter. Next time he needs to inspect his weapons more thoroughly to make sure they're acceptable for household use. He can also try having sex with guns.

[Straights Times, via Geekosystem. Image via Shutterstock]