Much has been made of how universally reviled shrimping enthusiast Brett Ratner told a Q&A audience that "rehearsal is for fags" — a decision which would cost him a prestigious Oscars producing gig, and a lasting place in Academy Awards infamy. It's truly a revolting moment, best experienced firsthand. And good news — we've tracked it down! You can relive the "rehearsal is for fags" magic for yourselves in the embedded video below.

But not nearly enough has been made, I think, of Ratner's recent appearance on Howard Stern's show, a disgustingly candid conversation in which the director casually discusses his mutant sperm count ("How lucky I am that I never got a girl pregnant. It's crazy!"), the size of his testicles ("I have HUGE balls..."), his talent for performing oral sex on Lindsay Lohan ("I'm probably the best in the world...[girls] cry"), and the possibility that HPV causes throat cancer ("If that's true, I'm a dead man.")

Keep in mind, all of these subjects were covered in just 90 seconds of a 45-minute interview. That was about all I could endure before I literally had to pull myself away from my desk and attend to a series of nausea burps while clutching a bathroom sink. But I have a notoriously weak stomach. So tell me: How far did you make it? The other two segments are here.

[There was a video here]