The Supreme Court heard arguments today in a case about whether the police have the right to track your every movement electronically without a search warrant. Things got awkward when an attorney for the government conceded that, under the government's view, even Supreme Court justices could be tracked.

From the Associated Press:

The justices were taken aback when the lawyer representing the government said police officers could install GPS devices on the justices' cars and track their movements without a warrant. To get a warrant, investigators need to convince a judge that there is reason to believe a suspect is involved in criminal activity.

"Wait a minute here—I get that you want to be able to install chips in everyone and construct a timeless digital archive of everything so nobody will ever be free of the state's constant embrace. Fine. But you're saying you want to be able to do this to me? Like I'm some common criminal? I'm going to have to think about this one."

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