Chris Birch was a big, tough Welsh rugby player who was engaged to a woman and loved nothing more than sports. Then one day he had an accident while trying to do a back flip and broke his neck and had a stroke. When he woke up, he was gay.

Yes, apparently the accident kicked loose some fairy dust somewhere deep in his subconscious and Birch woke up not just gay, but entirely flaming:

I was gay when I woke up and I still am...It sounds strange but when I came round I immediately felt different. I wasn't interested in women any more. I was definitely gay...Suddenly, I hated everything about my old life. I didn't get on with my friends, I hated sport and found my job boring.

I started to take more pride in my appearance, bleached my hair and started working out. I went from a [266 pound] skinhead to a [154 pound] preened man.

Before the accident, Chris worked in a bank, but after he woke up a big old friend of Dorothy, he quit his job and went back to school to become a hairdresser, of course. Naturally he dumped his girlfriend and picked up a 19 year-old twink at a club and is now living with his man above the hair salon. Obviously.

While I'm happy to welcome any new gay man into the world (no matter how they get here) do they all have to be right out of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?

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