Have you ever suffered some tragedy and screamed out loud, "Why, God? Why?" Finally you'll get a chance to ask him in person, or at least over the internet. And he'll answer! The Almighty himself will be here in the comments of this post, taking your questions.

God is promoting his new memoir The Last Testament (ghostwritten by former Daily Show scribe David Javerbaum) so he's going to make a personal appearance here to answer all of your questions.

He's already covered how he created Adam and Steve so you can ask him more about that. You can ask him about one of your spiritual dilemmas. You can ask him if Heaven exists. You can ask him if your Aunt Sophie is ever going to get over her cancer. You can ask him to explain evolution. Finally, you can ask God anything!

God will be here live in the comments answering your questions from 1pm to 2pm, so leave your queries below and he'll give you his final proclamations. And if you can't get enough God in your life, you can follow him on Twitter @TheTweetOfGod.