Evangelical fertility gods Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar revealed on the Today show this morning that God has placed yet another baby inside Michelle's womb, and so now they are expecting their 20th child. And they and their other 19 kids are "so excited."

We know the kids are excited because "their mouths dropped" upon hearing the news. Dropped from excitement, not terror—even though, as MSNBC points out, doctors had to deliver the Duggars' last baby more than three months ahead of schedule in order to save Michelle's life. That baby, named Josie, ended up spending several months in intensive care. But when God gives you a baby, you can't say no.

So far Michelle's eating pickles, working out, and feeling great. Just like Snooki. Which is what they should name this baby, though they can't because God wants all Duggar babies' names to begin with the letter J. So they should call the baby JWOWW instead.

[MSNBC. Image of the Duggars when they had only 18 kids via AP]