Mark Zuckerberg was once so obsessed with programming his girlfriend demanded a written contract guaranteeing alone time. But the Facebook CEO and ranking Borg commander on Planet Earth has, apparently, softened, telling Charlie Rose he spends long stretches with his girl, his dog, and their massive, empty mansion.

In the lengthy, unaired episode of PBS's longrunning softball interview show , Zuckerberg claims to have become more accustomed to his human mate:

I spend a lot of time just, you know, with my girlfriend and my dog. And I mean, we don't have a lot of furniture in our house, so it's really simple.

We're trying to build products for everyone in the world, right, and you don't want to get isolated to do that.

Translation: "I must fully understand humanoids in order to effectively conquer and enslave them, forever."

[Photo of Zuckerberg via Charlie Rose]