Both the Mirror and the Daily Mail have dug up some info about the scruffy seafarer spotted last week with Amanda "Foxy Acquittedknoxy" Knox. His name is James Terrano, he studies classical guitar, and he's already living with her, in sin.

According to both papers, Terrano and Knox are sharing an apartment in Seattle's "rundown" Chinatown area and take walks when they're not doing it, which they do, probably around the clock, on top of Italian-language court documents. The Mail claims to have spoken to Terrano's nuclear physicist brother William, who says Knox and Terrano are definitely a couple, but that "they've known each other for years. Known each other in sin, most likely.

After providing us with a few more key facts about Terrano, the paper then reminds us of how Knox was pictured only four years ago "kissing boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito within hours of the discovery of [murder victim Meredith] Kercher's body in the home the two women shared in Perugia, Italy." Four short years ago, and yet she's already moving on to the next guy. It's like Hall & Oates wrote that "Maneater" song just for her.

Speaking of moving on: Maybe it's time for the British papers to let this gal get on with her life? Totally understand that Kercher was British and that her family still believes Knox was involved in her death and all, but a. she was acquitted, and b. her life these days simply isn't that extraordinary (that the papers have to dream up all these weird fantasy plots to make her life seem more dramatic tells us as much). She went out for Halloween looking sullen (or "sauntering," as the Mirror put it), and now she's seeing a guy, and they live in a building decorated with a "gaudy" neon Hong Kong sign in their "rundown" neighborhood, which is probably a nice neighborhood we'd like, and eat ice cream. If you were a saucy reporter covering such activities, wouldn't you be bored by all the Knoxian Knormalcy by now? Maybe they're waiting for an upskirt or a drunken fall, but they're unlikely to get it.

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