Here's the trailer for We Are Legion, a documentary featuring members and supporters of the Anonymous hacker collective and various commentators whose names and titles aren't provided yet, so we don't know who they are. But they seem knowledgeable enough!

Slated for a 2012 release, the movie's being produced by the Los Angeles outfit Luminant Media and is directed by documentarian Brian Knappenberger. There's lots of shots of dudes wearing Guy Fawkes masks and making fierce gestures as they march in the streets, which gives the movie a somewhat macho, revolutionary vibe. But we do get to meet at least one of the women who was swept up by the FBI in its July raid, and enjoy very much her description of the experience ("it was really obnoxious"). In general we hate narrative-free, talk-heavy "documentaries" in which one person after another acts like a cheerleader for the thing being discussed, so hopefully this doc will include opposing views, historical info, and enough context to both provide a strong story line and keep us as surprised as Anonymous members do. [AnonOps]