We didn't execute any commenters last week. (Sorry, I was out of the office.) But that's the thing about the banhammer: You never know where or when it's going to drop. Who will get it this week?

That's a very good question, because this week's banee, Cfegrl, asked one of the most annoying questions out there. In the post "Brett Ratner Admits He ‘Banged' Olivia Munn, But Never Jerked Off While Eating Shrimp," she left this annoying comment:

Who's Olivia Munn, and why does she have a memoir??

The facetious question is supposed to somehow shame us for writing about such a person. But did you ever stop to think that you're the culturally illiterate idiot for not knowing who this person is?

And for those of you who honestly need to be told who a person is, why don't you, you know, refer to the post? You know, that little jumble of letters above the comments section that you're supposed to read before commenting? If Cfegrl had, she would have seen this: "former co-host Olivia Munn's memoir, Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures Of A Hollywood Geek." Yes, Munn is the former co-host of Attack of the Show and author of the mentioned memoir. She's now on The Daily Show. Know how else you could find that out? By typing 10 letters and a space in that little "Google" box on your browser and hitting return. Wasn't that hard?

If you really want to challenge the legitimacy of Ms. Munn (or anyone for that matter), why not at least take the time to educate yourself about her before forming an opinion and before letting us know whether or not she should have a memoir or if she's worth writing about. That's the way to have a smart, intelligent conversation. Don't go asking questions that, at best, are easily answered, and, at worst, will make you look like an idiot.

A Few Notes & How to Submit Nominations

All decisions about commenter executions are final. There is no appeal, though bribery is sometimes acceptable depending on the severity of the offense and the amount of the bribe. Executed commenters may be allowed back after a suitable period of exile.

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