In your finally Friday media column: layoffs hit the NYDN and The Early Show, Business Insider's horrific possible future, an Occupied reporter set free, and the National Magazine Awards make progress.

  • The bad days for newspapers continue. Today: layoffs at the NY Daily News. Joe Pompeo has some details on the "handful" of reporters and photographers who are being laid off today, in conjunction with a shuffle of top editors. It's a minor corporate rejiggering in which the losers are the actual journalists, as always.
  • Elsewhere: we hear that a number of staffers on The Early Show were laid off today. We hear it's in preparation for the launch of a new show in January. TVNewser hears similar things. If you know more, email me. Flashbacks! 2009 flashbacks! Everything is dark again!
  • Will Business Insider be the next Huffington Post? Haha, well, hmmm, I mean... in what way?
  • WNET reporter John Farley, who CJR says was the very first reporter arrested at the Occupy Wall Street protests, has had the charges against him dropped. Take that... enemies!
  • ASME is making some tweaks to the categories at the National Magazine Awards after everyone complained last year that the categories were super dumb. That's progress!. Another cool thing they could do would be to make the awards ceremony less than 18 hours long. Baby steps, though.

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