The final tally of victims in News International's hacking scandal looks like it will eventually reach 5,800, according to the Guardian. Which may explain why News Corp. has set up a dedicated web site for victims to apply for an out-of-court settlement. Think of it as a MySpace for targets of Rupert Murdoch's criminal surveillance operation.

The program, which News Corp. is touting as a "speedy, cost-effective alternative to litigation" for people whose voicemails were snooped by News of the World reporters, will be run by a retired British judge. You can go here to apply. Interestingly, the rules of the "scheme," as News Corp. repeatedly refers to it, limit its availability to victims of NOTW reporters. I eagerly await the debut of similar sites covering the Sun and News International's other papers.

Speak of the devil—a Sun reporter was arrested this morning, reportedly on corruption charges relating to paying police officers for information—not that there's anything wrong with that.

[Photo of Rupert Murdoch via AP]