Kristen Stewart's irrepressible sexiness imperils a movie franchise for kids. George Clooney gave Stacy Keibler crabs. Kris Jenner on Kim keeping her engagement ring: "I hate Indian givers." Dina Lohan blabs about LiLo's Playboy contract. TGIFriday gossip.

  • Kristen Stewart's wild "thrusting" almost gave Twilight an R rating. Asked why they ended up re-shooting their sex scene, Rob Pattinson hinted that it was "Kristen's fault." Director Bill Condon adds, "Well, I think that's true. [Kristen] got very into it." He continues, "I hate to be clinical, but [there are] guidelines on thrusting intercourse... Not to make people too excited—it was never explicit—but I think any movement that suggests that is what they object to." Silly Kristen! Twilight sex isn't about passion, it's about lying limp on your back with your eyes closed, thinking of England and Stephenie Meyer's giant, throbbing bank account. Anyway, here's a picture of Kristen reaching for Pattinson's sparklepenis yesterday, at one of those sidewalk handprint ceremonies in L.A. The woman is insatiable! Can't be stopped. [Celebuzz, People, image via Getty]
  • George Clooney gave Stacy Keibler crabs. A crate of fresh crabs from Maryland, "shipped all the way from her hometown of Baltimore" while they were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. I know, I know, bait and switch. That's how the crab-sellers of Cabo San Lucas felt, too. [Enquirer, Celebitchy]

Jennifer Lopez once fired a manager for telling her to lose weight. [OMG]

  • Though Justin Bieber's teen male bluster initially prevented him from outright denying banging the lady who claims she is his baby mama, he now admits he didn't tap that. "I never met the woman." One more lonely girl in the world. [Us]
  • Meanwhile, the alleged baby mama says Biebs didn't bother getting her number, so maybe he just forgot the whole thing?
  • He was clearly embarrassed about how the sex did not last very long. He immediately put on his clothes and blew me off when I asked about seeing him again. I asked him for his private phone number, but he insisted on taking my phone number. We had no paper or anything to write it down on, and Justin Bieber was clearly not interested in getting his cell phone or any paper. He said he would just remember the number, which I told him.

  • Kids today. If they don't put it in a text or on Facebook, it's like it never happened. [Celebitchy]
  • Dina Lohan keeps on blabbing about the intricacies of Lindsay's Playboy shoot, which is actually sort of interesting, when she starts revealing clauses from LiLo's contract: "She'll pick five covers, he'll [Hugh Hefner] pick the one, but she has a say. I don't want to get into the contract, but it will be tastefully done." [Daily Mail]
  • Asked whether Kim Kardashian would return her $2 million engagement ring, mother Kris Jenner snapped, "I hate Indian givers. It's a gift. You keep a gift." Various Native American organizations are pissed, but perhaps not as pissed as ring-purchaser Kris Humphries is, although there are some theories that he didn't buy the ring, anyway. [Celebitchy, Radar]
  • Speaking of Kardashians, Kendall Jenner turned 16 yesterday. The story of how her sister's divorce ruined her sweet 16 would be a good opening scene for a scorched-earth memoir. Assuming Kardashians are even capable of rebellion. [Us]

Famous sex trafficking victim Courtney Stodden went out in public without her makeup, and almost—almost!—looked like an actual 17-year-old. The best part of seeing stories like this in the Daily Mail is the "Get the Look!" advertising link. Is this really a look people want to emulate? [Daily Mail]

  • Reese Witherspoon has abandoned a $3280 purse made from the flesh of a python snake, because it's illegal to own such a thing in California. Also, PETA was on the verge of firebombing her. [Us]
  • Kim Kardashian stopped following Kris Humphries on Twitter, but he still follows her. Sad. [L&S]