The Washington Post, having suffered years of cutbacks and foreign bureau closings, has now consolidated all of its remaining resources on its Peabody award-winning Hipness Desk. The paper's tireless hipness correspondents spend day and night fanned out across the metropolitan region in search of the elusive young, hip vibe that, according to legend, haunts the DC area.

Sometimes, you know, it's a stretch. How do DC officials make hipness happen in this fast-moving world of the Twitternet and designer drugs? Is it... by renaming the New York Avenue Metro stop "NoMa," in an "allusion to the cool vibe of neighborhoods such as SoHo?" Isn't that how they do it, up in the big city? "Will hipness follow?" the WaPo asks, with rhetorical flourish. I think you and I (hipsters) both know the answer, friend!

Farin Robinson, an intern at the U.S. attorney's office who lives in NoMa, likes the change.

"It's getting the name out there. It's hipster-sounding," she said.

Sir, the intern just told me it was indeed "hip!" It's working! Now we just need one of those "Sex and the City Bus Tours!"

[WaPo. Photo: Laura Padgett/Flickr]