The Houston Chronicle's "TexasSparkle: A blog about politics and issues with Kathleen McKinley" is a passionate blog penned by a devoted wife, loving mom and proud American who's been carrying on an affair for years...with Jesus! In Tuesday's installment, "Are Adults Also To Blame For Gay Teen Suicides? Yes.," McKinely has finally reached her limit reading about gay teen suicides in celebrity weeklies in orthodontist waiting rooms. Enough is enough! When will this madness end? Someone needs to call out the adults whose reckless behavior is leading to these senseless deaths, and Kathleen's the one to do it!

Wait, no — not the parents of the bullies. McKinley means the parents of the victims! And those people behind the It Gets Better campaign! Murderers! You're all murderers! Here. We'll let her explain:

Today,while waiting at the orthodontist's office for my son, I read a People Magazine article on other teen suicides due to bullying, most of them gay. One was a 13 year old boy.

So, now I'm just mad.

Am I mad at the hateful mean kids who bully and tease these teens? You bet I am. But I am just as mad at the idiotic adults who force our adult views on kids, and pull them into our adult world long before they are mature enough to handle it. The 13 year old that killed himself told his Mom he was gay. She said she already knew and hugged him. She said she just assumed that everyone else would be as accepting as she was.

Really? Have you been around teenagers? They are cruel and mean. They constantly tear each other down. It was bad when I was a teenager, I can only imagine what it's like now. No, I don't have to imagine how it is now. This is how it is now. Why in the world would you give teenagers a REASON to tease you? Oh, yes, because the adults tell you to embrace who you are, the only problem? Kids that age are just discovering who they are. They really have no idea yet. The adults tell you to "come out," when what we should be telling them is that sex is for adults, and there is plenty of time for figuring out that later. Figure out yourself first. Focus on the kind of person you want to be, not the kind of person you want to sleep with. A 13 year old should not be building his life around his sexual orientation. He should be being A KID ... We have sexualized our kids with movies, music, and culture, and now we have viruses like HPV running rampant before they even go to college. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. [...]

Let's let kids be kids, for God's sake. Remember the gay young boy's last message said, "How do you know it will get better?" He was a KID! Kids can't see around the corner. They just aren't mature enough yet. They don't see it getting better no matter how many times Lady Ga Ga says it will. So, enough with our politically correct campaigns aimed at kids.

It's killing them.

McKinley really gets inside the head of teens bullies here, I think, who typically wait patiently for some kind of open acknowledgment on the part of a vulnerable classmate as to what their identified sexual orientation is before going in for the kill. Also, not enough can be said about asking teenagers to not think about sex, ever. It's a very underrated and plausible strategy! So smarten up, parents! The next time your kid comes to you and admits to having feelings of same-sex attraction, don't even think about accepting them or hugging them or telling them whoever they are is perfectly fine with you and you'll love them unconditionally regardless. Rather, to paraphrase Marge Simpson, tell them that it really doesn't matter how they feel inside — it's what shows up on the outside that counts. Tell them to take all those bad feelings and push them down, allllll the way down past their knees, until they're almost walking on them. And then they'll fit in, and they'll be invited to parties, and boys will like them, and happiness will follow. (Unless they happen to be a boy who wants to be liked by other boys. In which case, happiness will never follow. Only misery and suicide. And it will probably be your fault.) [, Image via Shutterstock]