Accused "Riverside Rapist" and alleged con man Hugues Akassy is on trial for sexual assaulting, stalking, and harassing five women in upper Manhattan. The trial raises many questions: Did he do it? How did he evade arrest for so long? And where did he get that smashing ascot?

The New York Post reports that, over two weeks of trial, the accused rape monster sported a signature "de la Rikers" ascot:

"We were told by correction officials that they couldn't bring him to court because he had tied a bed sheet around his neck," source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"It was this billowing bedsheet, and he had tied it around his neck and he'd tucked the rest down the front of his shirt, and they weren't going to allow him to come to court," the source said.

Ultimately, a compromise—correction officials trimmed his sails to a more manageable, ascot-like length—allowed Akassy to be fashionable and on time for the start of trial, the source said.

Or, as Tim Gunn would say, "editing."

He's worn the couture cravat frequently during the two weeks of testimony, and has it on again today.

Finally, the LiLo-ification of the criminal justice system has trickled down to the commoners. Perp walks are the new catwalks! Does Attica have a personal style blog, yet? Who will be the Tavi of juvenile court?

The jury is currently deliberating on Akassy's case. Over the course of two weeks, the prosecution took apart Akassy's elaborate fake identity as a high-flying French TV journalist. He was actually homeless, they argued, sleeping on rooftops and sneaking into gyms to groom and work on his meticulous appearance. (At right, Akassy in black tie between Harry Belafonte and Bono.) He wooed some targets with picnics in Central Park; others he stalked and attacked in a stairwell and in Riverside Park, the prosecution argued. The defense argued that the acts were consensual. [NYPost, NYDN, DNAInfo, images via Akassy's Facebook and Manhattan Corrections Dept.]