Here's a delicious template for peace in the Middle East: Coney Island Bialys and Bagels — at 91, the oldest bialy shop in New York City — was on the brink of shutting down after the founder's grandson had called it quits. But the bialys will live on, thanks to two Muslim businessmen harboring a deep fondness for the ways of the shmear.

Peerzada Shah and Zafaryab Ali actually worked at the bialy shop for ten years. Now they own it. And they're keeping everything as is, including the recipe, which will remain 100 percent kosher.

From The Jewish Daily Forward:

When asked about the patchwork of neighborhood ethnicities that makes possible the Muslim ownership of a landmark kosher Jewish bialys store, Ali said with a smile, "That's America."

We wish them lox of luck. [The Jew & The Carrot, Photo via Lisanne!/Flickr]