Here's the trailer for 21 Jump Street, the latest in a long line of incredibly good, successful, award-winning, hilarious, and terrific movies that take beloved (or at least, well-remembered, in a fond if kind of vague way) old dramatic television shows and turn them into comedies involving vomit jokes. It stars skinny Jonah Hill!

So, the plot of this movie is, uh, Never Been Kissed with guns? Enormous clay golem Channing Tatum and skinny Jonah Hill are cops who go undercover to bust James Franco's little brother for selling Necco Wafers? There is partying, and drug-taking, and one imagines there's some kind of excuse to show boobs? This movie looks terrible, like, wouldn't-watch-on-an-airplane terrible, and I like Jonah Hill. Why does it exist? Does the world need another movie for 12-year-olds to rent from bored video store employees? I understand that the real motivating factor is to make an 18-to-25-year-old-bro-orientated comedy with some kind of recognizable, "bankable" name, but why choose a television show that no 19-year-old is aware of? And then turn it into something completely different?

In any event, 21 Jump Street is inexplicably coming to theaters in March.