Heather Morris, who plays the lovable idiot Brittany on Glee, is one of the show's breakout stars. But just what sort of indignities did she have to endure to pay the rent before she was famous? Looks like posing for cheesy stock photos was one of them.

Morris famously started as a backup dancer on the show (after a stint as one of Beyoncé's hoofers) but made her way to the forefront thanks to the perfectly delivered dry observations that made her character shine. But would we all think that Brittany, and by extension Heather, was as cool if we knew she was writhing around with shirtless boys on a beach doing a photo shoot for the impossible to pronounce photo agency Inmagine? Maybe not. We've all had shitty jobs while waiting for bigger and better opportunities to come along. Some of ours were just a lot less public than others.

A tipster sent in this photo set which is accompanied by a caption that reads "portrait of young sexy couple sitting in convertible, man kissing woman's neck." That's exactly what you see, someone who looks exactly like Heather and another blond girl in various and sundry poses using a car, a man, a map, and a surfboard as props.

And there are other silly pictures too, ones of her in a half-naked man's lap, driving a van (Britney can't drive!), and about to kiss someone on a cold, cold beach. It's just about every silly scenario you can think of. And they can be used for anything for a small fee! Yes, you can use Heather Morris' pretty blond face to advertise for your surf board shop or car dealership or your Scooby-Doo party that requires a picture of a cute girl in an ugly van. Anything!

Surely these are slightly embarrassing, but not as potentially embarrassing as the nude photos of her that surfaced last year. I see no reason to be embarrassed by those. She looks great and there's nothing wrong with being naked. But having your face used in random ads and corporate layouts is worse. After all, there are only three things that are forever: diamonds, shitty tattoos, and laughable stock photography.

I called Heather's manager for confirmation and to see if she would give us a funny story about posing for the photos, but he wouldn't call me back. I guess Heather must be really embarrassed.

[Images (top) via Inmagine. Images (below right) via Getty]