A New York Post exclusive: Occupy Wall Street protesters have sex, and are not immune to STDs. And they actually get tested for them! Ew. Shame! Shaaaaaameeeeee.

Until now, the New York Post's smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street has been ludicrous, but generally harmless, and admittedly fun to read: Criminals "hiding out" in Zuccotti Park—which is covered in more fecal matter than a Motel 6 suite. Whatever.

But today, the Post reached a new low by shaming protesters who have the gall to get tested for STDs.

"Occupy Wall Street protesters are flocking to nearby health clinics for STD and HIV testing after getting their freak on in '60s-style hookups with crusty stranger," as the Post puts it.

People of Earth: The New York Post wants you to know that if you get STD tests, you are a slutty, disgusting animal. Why don't you just keep your sex problems to yourself and fearfully obsess over the "Symptoms" page of WebMD on your laptop in your apartment each night, like upstanding New York Post readers?

Next week: The Post exclusive about Occupy Wall Street protesters brushing nasty "plaque" from their teeth, whose pure white enamel has been filthified by their shameful, "60s-style" consumption of food.

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