New York Post sexologistolumnist Andrea Peyser is not one to judge others. Except uppity minorities. And whores. I mean, she practically has to judge whores. Can't just have whores walking around, unjudged. Andrea Peyser's mouth is spilling over with whores.

Nothing is more personally offensive to Andrea Peyser than when some famous lady gets married to some athlete somewhere and then later divorces him.

She's a fame whore for hire who became fabulously wealthy not for her looks, brains, sex appeal or talent. But for the super-sized quality of her protruding butt.

Why did these two famous people Andrea Peyser does not know commit such a sin, against Andrea Peyser?

It was a pairing born in an agent's office, and spawned in amoral Hollywood. Then, it drove to the finish line wrapped in a dank hell where sacred, holy matrimony is nothing more than a cynical money-making enterprise.

Andrea Peyser wants to be writing positive things, by god, and instead this whore is forcing her to tell it like it is.

These two glassy-eyed ghouls, who announced their split, fittingly, on Halloween, don't give a rat's rump about rational notions of love, fidelity or the concept of forever. This was all about selling one's body to the highest bidder.

It's enough to put a person off heterosexual relations for good.

Uhh... that last line wasn't in the script, Andrea. Are you trying to tell us something?

Sorry, Andrea just... fell into a daze there for a moment. That butt. That grand, protruding butt. In conclusion, uh, whores.

[NYP. Photo: Getty]