A 21-year-old Oregon woman who crawled inside a horse carcass and had her picture taken—all so she could "feel one with a horse"—will not face any criminal charges, say investigators. Now she can use the photos to design her holiday cards.

Or she might consider destroying all evidence of the photos altogether—not only to stop all the death threats, but also to end the embarrassment suffered by her poor mom, who probably wonders why her daughter just couldn't be a regular furry and, you know, buy a horse costume? KOIN News says our unidentified carcass-model "has received death threats [and] hostile contact from people across the country who have viewed these pictures and labeled her everything from a devil worshiper to a pervert." In one of the photos—"[a]rguably the most artistic," according to KOIN's art critic-reporter—the woman appears "blood-soaked from head to toe, standing over the horse's body she had just been inside." In another picture, she and her boyfriend "[hold] a piece of the horse in front of their mouth—posing as they're about to take a bite out of it."

Eventually the woman and her boyfriend did eat the horse, so she got to spiritually meld with the poor creature a second time (isn't that how these things work?). Unconfirmed reports say she now hopes to travel to New York City to "feel one" with another horse carcass she recently connected with over the Internet.

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