Like any retiree, Calvin Klein has a lot of time on his hands, and like any retiree he gets to indulge in his hobbies. Apparently his main one these days is going to glam parties with his ex-porn star boyfriend Nick Gruber in tow. Here's the sad display the duo made this past Saturday at The Standard when they attended hotelier Andre Balazs' Halloween party at the swinging club atop the hotel/exhibitionist hotspot.

Just look at what they're wearing. Nick has on the sort of silly "sexy" gay costume I've advised against, and Calvin is dressed as what exactly? A depressed gangster? Stanley Kowalski at 60? A john? Also, Nick clearly needs to get back to work on those abs. Considering his entire job description entails him being young and ripped for his sugar daddy, he should probably get that underwear model body back stat.

[Image via Billy Farrell/Billy Farrell Agency]