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Internet racist Matt Drudge recently paid $1.45 million cash for a five-bedroom "safari-like tropical retreat" near his Miami, Florida, home. Here's a video tour.

According to the Miami Herald, the owner of the second-most valuable "blog" on the internet recently purchased the five-bedroom, 6,400-square-foot ranch house in the unincorporated Redlands region near Miami, where he already owns a $1.4 million condo. The new place features a high-tech security system, jacuzzi, and a waterfall in the bathroom.

It also, according to this video tour we found on YouTube, appears to feature a monkey cage and an outdoor dance floor. And lots of African art, which we imagine Drudge will want to get rid of quickly if the previous owners leave it lying around.

Speaking of—here's another YouTube video we found of a raging birthday party at the house under its previous ownership. This is why Drudge bought it. Just picture Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh salsa dancing on that stage.