Between all the fun you had in your costumes this weekend and the big news about Kim Kardashian, it's easy to forget that today is actually Halloween. Let's celebrate the best way we know how: with a costume contest and a cash prize!

Post a picture of your Halloween costume in the comments below and the person with the best costume will win a $100 Visa gift card to go out and buy yourself something wonderful or, like, a ton of 50% off candy corn. Whichever. We did this last year and you managed to impress us all, so I'm sure you all are going to be just as amazing this year.

Our standard contest rules apply, but here are the guidelines for this specific contest:

  • Pictures should be from this Halloween. We have no real way to discern that, though, so like leaving a bowl of candy on the front porch with a "take one" sign, we're sticking with the honor system.
  • Pictures of yourself are admissible, as are pictures of your friends, children, neighbors, kids who pester you for candy at your front door, and anyone else whose permission you asked before putting on the internet for possible glory (or shaming).
  • Feel free to cover people's eyes or blur their faces to protect identity, but if this obscures part of the costume, you may lose points.
  • Pictures should be posted in the comments section of this post. (Pro Tip: Go to TinyPic and upload your picture there. Once it's uploaded, copy the lower most URL in the pop up window. Then, when you go to post a comment and click the image icon, paste the URL from Tinypic there.) If you're not a commenter find out how to become one. If that doesn't work or you have issues with uploading photos, you can email them to me. However, email should be your last resort. All emailed photos will still be published (unless they suck, then I'll just delete them).
  • Any costumes on our list of costumes to avoid will be immediately disqualified. Unless it's really, really good. Just know that if you didn't pull it off well, you will be openly mocked.
  • Winners will be chosen based on originality, execution, and whether or not we think they're cool.
  • Judging will be done by a completely arbitrary and biased board of Halloween experts (or just me). All entries must be in by noon on November 1. That's tomorrow. We'll announce the winner and runners-up Tuesday afternoon.

Now it's your turn! We can't wait to see what you came up with. Best of luck to all of you.

[Image via larimdame/Flickr]