In 2008, on Martin Luther King Day Eve, Ohio State Trooper Eric E. Wlodarsky took a picture of a fellow trooper dressed up in "Ku Klux Klan-like garb" (small photo) and sent it to a sergeant as a prank. For extra bonus laffs, he did this while he and the other officer were both on duty.

Poor judgment call! Wlodarsky received a demotion, a pay-cut, and unflattering media attention as the "KKK prank trooper." Now he's in the news again, and is once again being called out for his old KKK prank. Some things are just really hard to live down.

Wlodarsky's latest turn in the press stems from some drunken driving and weapons charges he recently acquired. When pulled over by sheriff's deputies, he allegedly tried to blame his female passenger for driving, then "eventually confessed to deputies that he was indeed the driver."

After failing a breath test, Wlodarsky received a summons for the new charges and but didn't go to jail. If only getting rid of one's shameful nickname were such a cakewalk.

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