A 27-year-old flight attendant for US Airways was discovered early Saturday morning, strangled to death in his room at the Hilton in Mexico City, where he was staying on a layover.

The flight attendant, Nick Aaronson (pictured), was found face down on the hotel room floor. A belt was tied around his neck and his hands were bound behind him with cloth. The body showed "signs of beating and choking." The Daily Mail reports his luggage was scattered.

The Mexico City prosecutor's office said no drugs, weapons or messages were found in the room. Security camera footage is being scrutinized and an autopsy is planned.

A message on the flight attendants union website reads:

Preliminary findings do not indicate a safety breach at the hotel. Therefore, we do not believe our crew members are at risk. However, until this matter is resolved, layover crews will be temporarily relocated to an alternative location.

By that, I think they are suggesting that Aaronson perhaps let his killer into his room. Still, I'm wondering what would indicate a safety breach, if a violent strangling death does not?

UPDATE: Anita Aaronson, the mother of Nick Aaronson (who was 27, not 33 as originally reported), said she was contacted by the FBI, and a suspect had been arrested using surveillance video footage and the GPS tracking system in her son's iPhone, which the suspect had stolen.

"He was only 27 and he had so much to live for, and he was so charming and was just a really nice man," Anita Aaranson said. "I wish they had the death penalty in Mexico. He took the bright light out of my life."

UPDATE 2: Authorities have revealed the suspect in custody is Jose Luis Ramirez, a paroled criminal who met Aaronson at a Mexico City gay bar. The motive was robbery.

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