We've all thought about tricking the person we're currently dating into marrying us at a wedding that we've organized in secret, haven't we? No? Oh. Well, Cherie Butler of New Zealand had the idea—and just yesterday demonstrated that it's not always a wrong-headed or crazy one.

On Saturday, reports Stuff, Butler told her boyfriend to meet her at their local park for a family picnic. While he went off on a fishing expedition (literally), Butler put on her wedding dress and joined friends and family members as they prepared for the ceremony. The boyfriend eventually showed up at the park (probably smelling like a fish and with his hands covered in worm juice ... how romantic!) and quickly discovered that this picnic involved an exchange of vows and tiered cake instead of potato salad. Luckily for everyone involved, he'd already asked Butler to marry him countless times in the past and was totally in the marrying spirit (besides, what else was he going to do with his afternoon—gut fish?), and so they got married without incident. Now they will live happily ever after, we hope.

Butler's not the first person to surprise a partner with a wedding: in August, a man married his girlfriend after conducting Operation White Cake, a covert matrimonial maneuver. But it seems that you have to be pretty confident in your relationship for a surprise wedding to succeed, so don't try it unless you're about 95 percent certain that you're partner is up for the challenge. A miscalculation could lead to a break-up, a restraining order, lots of pissed-off guests, and egg on your face instead of cake.

[Stuff. Image via Shutterstock]